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Hardcore Gaming (HXC) is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We specialize in hosting Esports events, Esports consultation, and high-quality stream production. HXC Gaming has done business with all the major companies in the esports industry such as Microsoft, GameStop, Best Buy, Major League Gaming, Dreamhack and SXSW just to name a few. Currently, HXC Gaming is involved with creating projects such as Oklahoma High School Esports leagues as well as raising thousands of dollars for charitable organizations. We are able to accomplish all of this while paying out large prize pools at our events. Hire the company that’s here for hardcore gamers of any age!!

our squad

Ricky McNeal

Ricky McNeal is a competitive gamer who founded HXC Gaming due to his love for Mortal Kombat while in middle school. Ricky believes that video games are the best way to escape from anything negative while helping with social skills and critical thinking. In addition to managing HXC Gaming, he runs esports programs for high schools and other organizations helping gamers grow professionally. He helped start Super Bit Wars which is now the largest esports tournament in Oklahoma. Ricky holds a BA in Business along with Masters in Information Technology. He is a huge fan of football, basketball, technology, and Marvel movies.

Matthew Kerekes

Born and raised in the Bay Area, California. Matthew Kerekes found his love for video games at an early age with the release of the original NES. He got his love for fighting games after playing Street Fighter II Turbo at the local arcade and card shops in the early 90’s. His first experience with the FGC was at B3 Battle by the Bay at Golfland in Sunnyvale, CA when it was the best of the best competing in SF2 Turbo and SFA2, instantly hooked to the scene. Matthew goes by Phattboi and is also a content creator on Twitch and YouTube focusing on MMOs, RPGs and Live Lego Builds. Matthew’s favorite titles include Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Tekken. Matthew is an avid Lego builder and a huge Star Wars fan.

Why Choose Us

3 reasons why you should choose us to run your next event.



We will draw attention to your organization with well run events and coordinations. HXC Gaming has been in the competitive industry before esports popularity.




Our staff is knowledgeable across all popular esports titles. From fan interaction to competitive gamers. Our extensive knowledge on how to run tournaments and live streams will maximize your gaming experience.



Pro management, high engagement principles, polished production with live streaming. Here at HXC Gaming you will collaborate with a stellar esports company.



We will bring fully updated consoles, monitors, and games

  • Esports Event hosting
  • Video Game Tournaments
  • Equipment Rental = Video games, Consoles, Monitors, etc
  • Esports Consultation
  • Event Consultation
  • Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties etc
  • Merchandise/Esports Apparel
  • Stream/Production Consultation

Past Events

A gallery of pictures from our Call of Duty 4v4 tournament!