What : Battlezone: COD:AW Season 1 / Event 1
When :  Saturday December 13th / 11:00am
Where : PJ Gamers
3329 S Elm Ave
Broken Arrow, OK 74011

Games:  Call of Duty: Advance Warfare / Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3  / Ultra Street Fighter IV

Save some cash by Pre-Registering online before December 10th.  See information below for details.


Call of Duty : AW  4v4 – XBOX One

Entry Fee is $160 if  you Register your team online today for $20,  this $20 will be applied to the day of the Tournament and you will only need to pay the remainder $140 at the door. 

However if you do NOT pre-register your team prior to December 10th You will pay $200 at the door for your team. 

16 XB1 Consoles and Game Discs will be required,  Meaning your Team will need to bring their Own Console and game Disc.  Monitors will be Provided.  Dont Assume someone else is bringing enough for you to play. Bring your Equipment else you will not play.

Bring you Controllers,  Wired Controllers are a Must. (Bring your Charge and Play Kits)

When you Register online, if you do not have a full team, please put TBD (To be Determined) In the slots for the players. When you purchase. 

We will be doing a listing for Free Agents in the coming weeks.

So what do you need to bring per Team : (These Items are NOT Debatable)
4 – XBOX 1 Consoles
4 – Wired Controllers
4 – Call of Duty : AW Game Discs
Remaining $140 / or $200 if you don’t plan on pre-Registering



These have not been Established yet and are TBD, and will be posted prior to the Event. 

Ultra Street Fighter IV / Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

$5  Pre-Register  ,  Then $10 per Game at the door.

$10- If you dont pre-register and pay all at the door. Plus $10 Per Game.  



And as always Bring your own Controller. 

COD: AW 4v4

$ 20.00

Per Team

Purchasing this will save you $40 at the door. And Pre-Register yourself and your Team.
Those who Choose to Pay at the Door will Pay $200 per Team at the Door.  By Pre-Registering
Your Cost is $160,  $20 Now and $140 at the Door Total for your  Entire Team.



$ 5

Per Player

$5 Gets you in.  Once your in the door, Pay $10 per Player Per Game.
If you wait to pay at the door you will Pay $10, Plus $10 per game.  So  For
Example:  Want to play Marvel vs Capcom If you Pre-Register it will cost you
$5 online, and $10 at the door.  If you dont Pre-Register,  it will Be $10 at the door
and $10 for the game for a Total of $20.
Pre-registering Saves you $5

Dont Forget to Bring your Controller!